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Wild swirl, flashes of light! You whirl around and land a little roughly in a completely fantastic place. The air is drenched with strange smells and billows of smoke. You lift your eyes, still befogged from the turbulent journey through space and time, and discover two snorting steeds transporting no one less than two knights with long lances, equipped from head to toe, through a colorful crowd of people.

And there in front of you she appears. Steel-gray rock, legendary and majestic.


coogeecouch – living in a fairytale.

>>steel grey<<


You blink a little against the glistening light of the setting sun. Scrambling up here was a real challenge, as always, but worth every bead of sweat.

A 360° soft-drawn world rises up; billions of grains of sand form your playground. The winds have drawn bizarre wave patterns, heat flickers over the dunes and in you throbs only one thought: going downhill.

Beats on your ears, feet on the board – chasingthesand.


coogecouch- the thrill is real!

>>linen white<<

tesoro de oro.

We sit in the white sand of Turtle Bay; heads resting in our hands.

Isla del Coco is heavenly beautiful, but seems to want to bring us to our knees. A gust of the balmy Pacific wind sweeps under the yellowed treasure map lying beside me and carries it away a few feet as if it were nothing more than an insignificant piece of scrap paper.

In search of Benito Bonito’s pirate treasure from 1819, we will mobilize the last of our strength today and set off in the direction of the north of the island.

What will await us in the labyrinth of the Diamond Cave…?


coogeecouch – explore. play. discover.

>>amber gold<<


My body is tense to the tips of my toes. Silence. In front of me lies the hidden clearing. The light of the slowly setting sun refracts in the trees, which expand into a huge forest around the small meadow.Behind the gnarled trunk of the old oak I remain undiscovered.

I breathe in – it smells like a damp summer forest.

In the early evening he steps into the clearing to feed on grass and herbs and, as always, I am immediately completely under his spell.

Suddenly he stops, raises his majestic head, looks at me with his big dark brown deer eyes and disappears with great leaps into the dark forest.


coogecouch – on the wild side of life.

>>pine green<<

scuderia fantasia.

My hands clench around the hard grips of the steering wheel. Nothing in the world could make me let go now.

I still can’t believe it, but yes, this is the cockpit of the new C2021. I’m sitting pressed deeply into the seat, and what’s currently setting the smallest molecules of my body into frenetic vibration must be the nearly 1,000 hp already roaring impatiently beneath me.

Out of the corner of my eye, I notice rows of spectators. Tifosi. 453 meters of asphalt straight separate me from the first braking point at the Prima Variante, which will be decisive for the race.

When the starting lights go out, there is only one goal. Out of the slipstream. Full throttle to the pole.


coogeecouch – living the dream.

>>chili red<<


Pause for a moment – you put your head back, above you an endless summer blue sky and in your ear a potpourri of bees buzzing and birds chirping.

You start walking – the garden is huge and beautiful. It’s an enchanted labyrinth, which in August offers a different flower fragrance and colorful splendor at every turn. Your goal is the pink queen – she grows in a hidden spot at the back of the wild hedge. Sun-hungry, it stretches hundreds of densely filled blossoms toward the sky.

When you reach the magical place, Cleo, the girl from the neighboring house, is already there. She has brought a watering can and bucket and greets you with a cheerful laugh.

As every summer, you will create the most beautiful perfume from the fragrant flowers of the pink queen. Like every summer.


coogeecouch – life in full bloom.

>>raspberry red<<


Loud roar of incessant waves slapping against the bow, your face wet from the foamy, splashing spray, a salty film on your skin – as far as your eye can see, you are surrounded by mysterious blue.

You penetrate the shimmering surface with an energetic leap and dive off into your wonder world.

“Sea people are just a myth…”, you have to smile and glide through the entrance portal of the gigantic castle of Oceania with a powerful flip of your fins.


coogeecouch – life is a meeracle!

>>sea blue<<


Ignition of the engines in 3, 2, 1…what happens next rushes past you.

It takes eight minutes for the cSpace to enter orbit – eight minutes in which you are pressed into your seat and jolted by the vibrations of the rocket.

What is your destination? An alien star – light years away from Earth’s orbit. “Interstellar travel is impossible…” you can still hear them murmuring, as the infinity of the universe has already enveloped you.

Weightlessly you float into the ALL-encompassing vastness of deep darkness and adventure. Past galaxies and solar systems, planets and the Milky Way.

coogeecouch – dein youniverse!

>>night blue<<