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coogeecouch. the modular sofa.

a multi-award winning design furniture for all generations and living spaces.
manufactured in a transparent and resource-saving way.
as versatile as life itself.
coogeecouch | 3 Awards | German Design Award 2023  | Kindersofa | Serie: youniverse | Farbe: night-blue dunkelbau | Ansicht: Front schräg | made in Germany
family furniture.
A piece of furniture that is as versatile as life itself. The four modules of the coogeecouch can be combined with each other and adapt to different needs. Whether as a creative play world, lounge in the living area or sleeping accommodation. Design and quality always in focus.
coogeecouch | Kindersofa | Serie: bloomboom | Farbe: raspberry-red dunkelrot | Ansicht: Front gestapelt | made in Germany
modern interior design.
Our furniture represents a symbiosis of form and function. It complements every modern interior with its iconic design and high-quality workmanship. Outstanding aesthetics and durability make it a real timeless piece.
coogeecouch | Kindersofa | Serie: chasingthesand | Farbe: linen-white beige | Ansicht: Front Liege | made in Germany
quality made in germany.
coogeecouch is 100% made in Germany. From the first needle stitch, to the upholstery, to the packaged product. Modern design meets traditional craftsmanship. We use only materials of German and Italian origin. Genuine manufactory quality, fair working conditions, short transport routes. This is what we demand of our product and of us as entrepreneurs.
dreamteam | coogeecouch + coogeecuboid | modular guest bed | series: tesoro-de-oro | color: amber-gold gold | view: front coogeecouch + cushion + coogeecuboid attached | made in Germany
smart dreamteam.
extend your coogeecouch with the coogeecuboid – whether as seating furniture for smaller kids, side table or further building element for creative coogeecouch architects: the liniear shape of the coogeecuboid makes it a real allrounder. Together with a coogeecouch, it even transforms it into a guest bed, on which an adult person can sleep.
coogeecouch | Kindersofa | Serie: fairymuchfun | Farbe: steel-grey grau | Ansicht: Front mit Kissen | made in Germany
your homestyling.
With coogeecube and coogeecushion we give you the opportunity to extend your coogeecouch monochrome or with another color of the capsule collection of play to let an expressive color-blocking effect move in with you.
3 times awarded
coogeecouch is winner of the German Design Award Special 2023 in the Furniture Design category. The German Design Award is the premium prize of the German Design Council. With its worldwide spectrum and international appeal, it is one of the most prestigious awards in the design landscape across all industries. Most recently, the ICONIC AWARD 2023: Innovative Interior. Previously, the jury of the Design Week Award 2022 in the field of Furniture Design had also awarded the coogeecouch as a winner.

In this sense – freely after Andy Warhol – “But I always say, one’s company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a party.