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coogeecouch. multi-award-winning design furniture for all generations and living spaces.
as versatile as life itself.


We design and manufacture the best product in terms of design and quality. That is our claim.
We take responsibility. Responsibility for ecological sustainability. Responsibility for the social and societal impact of our business activities. Responsibility for transparency and fairness towards our customers.
Zero Marketing Cheat.


Design is the idea behind the product. Design is the solutions that translate the idea into reality. Design is the core of our ecological sustainability concept.
We design for the maximum. Maximum service life. Maximum functional possibilities. We create timeless pieces with a clear appearance and uncompromising quality.
Design that stands for sustainability and substance.
Design for generations.
Source: German Design Council / Photo: Lutz Sternstein


Cost pressure and the almost universal demand for products that are available as quickly and cheaply as possible are squeezing out entire industries and professions, centuries-old knowledge and craftsmanship.
We are opposed to this.
Our products are manufactured locally, in the heart of Westphalia, in a traditional company with many years of experience and excellent expertise. With a deep understanding of materials, quality and value, experienced craftsmen and women produce products with that special something by hand and with a great deal of passion for their profession.
Cutting, sewing, upholstery and fulfillment: all elements of this quality puzzle come from a single source. The close proximity and sharing of the same values not only allows us a full insight into production, but also the implementation of individual requirements and customer wishes.
We produce on-demand and therefore only use the resources that are actually in demand.
The company’s own solar power plant produces several times more energy per year than it consumes itself, thereby not only saving over 200 tons of CO2 per year, but also supplying additional households in the region with electricity.


We owe it to our planet, our children and ourselves to use resources sensibly and consciously.
The choice of materials is not just about implementing a product vision. It also reflects the social and ecological responsibility that we are aware of as entrepreneurs.
We only use high-quality raw materials that can withstand use by different age groups over a long period of time and at the same time meet all aesthetic requirements.
We source these from the heart of Europe – for minimum transportation routes and maximum transparency. We choose our suppliers carefully and also look at the people behind them.
For us, standard, promotional seals are not an end in themselves.
Acquiring a seal means a considerable financial burden – especially for smaller, family-run businesses. Where there are no seals, but a deep conviction about the material and manufacturer, an independent laboratory in Germany tests the selected materials for all relevant criteria on our behalf.

100% made in germany.

Made in Germany.
For many consumers, this is a confidence-building statement that stands for substantial values.
For many manufacturers, this is an identity-forming statement that stands for their entrepreneurial attitude.
For some manufacturers, this is an effective advertising statement that seems to justify higher prices per se.
There is no clear legal basis for the use of the designation “Made in Germany”. The product advertised in this way also does not have to be 100% manufactured in Germany.
It is sufficient to map certain stages of production in Germany.
Sufficient, but not transparent.
Coogeecouch produces 100% – fully integrated – in Germany.

free shipping within germany