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    About-03 | coogeecouch

    Our vision

    Founded in 2021, as the final step of a long conceptual phase and equally first step into the actual implementation of an idea, the founding team of coogeecouch sees itself as ambassadors for modern family furniture or “family furniture”.

    From the first months with baby, through the turbulent toddler phase to the chill teenager or as a design piece in the living area of adults. To develop furniture that is as versatile as life itself and at the same time harmoniously fit into a high-quality interior because of its design. Thats the idea behind coogeecouch.

    As mothers of five children between the ages of 1 and 12, we stand for conscious consumption and sustainable furniture design. Modularity, durability and aesthetics are the focus and make our furniture real timeless pieces that clearly reject short-lived consumer trends.

    About-01 | coogeecouch

    Our mission

    A 40-year-old folding chair from grandparents, which made its way in every now and then as an overnight loan and each time triggered enduring play scenarios and the realization that “it takes so little”, tipped the scales in favor of starting the coogeecouch journey.

    With the development of the coogeecouch, a multifunctional piece of furniture for modern families has been created, which children make their own intuitively and in a variety of ways, and which equally complements the center of adults’ lives as a timeless and minimalist piece of furniture.

    The coogeecouch mission guidelines have been stringently followed in conception and implementation: we create an aesthetic piece of furniture of outstanding quality that adapts to your circumstances.

    With eight different and expressive shades, coogeecouch emphasizes the diversity and variety of lifestyles and is always an expression of your individuality.

    We believe that a family living environment can be harmonious and inspiring for all, and coogeecouch is a timeless piece of furniture that combines these values.

    About-06 | coogeecouch

    Our path – making of a coogeecouch

    You live with the awareness that consumption affects us, our lives and the lives of our kids?

    Wondering where your consumer goods come from and where they go?

    Quality, absence of harmful substances and transparent production processes are maxims that influence your purchasing decisions?

    Hey, we share the same values; we have the same goal!

    Transparency, conservation of resources and social responsibility are the guiding principles for our corporate actions. For us, these can only be realized at the production site in Germany – and not “outsourced” to low-wage countries around the world such as Asia or Eastern Europe.

    That is why coogeecouch is 100% made in Germany. A furniture manufacturer from Westphalia is the production partner of the coogeecouch. Characterized by a high understanding of material, quality, value and sustainability, the coogeecouch coogeecouch is individually upholstered here.

    We see relevance in the connection of all elements. The choice of Italian velour is an elementary part of our understanding of modern furniture design. In this way, we achieve a product of outstanding quality and appearance, and also meet the corporate responsibility inherent in the development of a product.

    Unsere Verantwortung

    Unsere Verantwortung

    Wir glauben an die Zukunft eines dynamischen und flexiblen Arbeitsumfelds, in dem Chancengleichheit, female empowerment und Diversität verstanden und gelebt werden.

    Wir glauben daran, dass dieser Erde große ökologische Herausforderungen bevorstehen und wir in der unbedingten Pflicht stehen unseren impact in diesen Prozessen abzufedern und zu minimieren.

    Zusätzlich zu der bewussten Entscheidung ausschließlich in Deutschland zu produzieren, haben wir uns für eine cradle-to-customer plus end-of-life Zertifizierung unserer Produkte durch ClimatePartner entschieden. Dementsprechend kompensieren wir alle durch unsere Produkte entstandenen CO2 Emissionen -von Herstellung, über Lieferung und Transport- bis hin zur Entsorgung.

    Unsere CO2 Kompensationszahlungen fließen bei ClimatePartner in ein Aufforstungsprojekt in Deutschland. Obwohl Deutschland eines der waldreichsten Länder dieser Erde ist, hinterlässt auch hier der Klimawandel Spuren. Große Waldflächen wurden bereits durch Waldbrände und Schädlinge vernichtet. Wir unterstützen die Aufforstung und den Umbau deutscher Wälder – hinzu mehr Mischwald, denn dieser ist widerstandsfähiger gegen den Klimawandel. Zusätzlich zur heimischen Aufforstung unterstützt ClimatePartner mit unseren Leistungen ein international anerkanntes Waldprojekt in Brasilien.